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Santa on prosac!

       Christmas were about to come and Santa Clause was making the same toys like the years that had passed. That’s why he felt so boring lately. Someone could say almost depressing. At this time, he was reading a letter, which was sent by a child. The letter wrote:
-“My dear Santa,
As you already know, I am a very good child, which eats his entire food and does his homework. In fact, I am so good, that I don’t want a gift for myself, but for my little sister, that she is one year old…”.
Clause thought:
-“It is such an altruistic child!”, and he continues reading:
-“…My sister wants a mutant toy soldier, which it will be able to transform to an alien. I know so, because her first word may was “Mom”, but I really care for her and I love her, so I know better than herself what she wants!
Yours faithfully,
Ps: “Because we have the same name my man, you have to take to my sister the gift!”.
          Santa was wandering, but not out loud:
 -“Hm, it’s a complicated gift. I should do technological seminars on the toys of the 21rst century, but to be honest, I am bored to do such a thing, so I’ll just register the child to the list of the bad boys and I am through with that. Maybe, it will take a gift from me next year, especially if he asks for a dear or a doll. These things I know how to do them well!”.
          This very moment, Freddie entered the room. Freddie was the leader of the elves and he said by bringing the mail of the children:
-“Santa Clause, I brought to you new letters from our little friends!”.
-“Hm, I see. Lay them aside along with the rest of them, Freddie”. The “rest of them” were ten piles of letters. Freddie was worried about Santa, because he was troubled by Santa’s reaction. He expected for Santa to say something like:
-“Ho, ho! Finally, more letters came from our close and young friends!”.
          So Freddie was justifiably concerned and for that reason he phrased the following question:
-“What’s wrong Santa? I feel that you are not well!”.
-“I don’t know. I am bored to do the same things all over again and again. I read letters from young humans ever since I can remember myself doing this job, which that means from the decade of 30ies”.
-“You shouldn’t call it a job! I would say it’s a vocation!”.
-“It doesn’t matter how you call it, as the truth is that I am tired! I don’t have the necessary appetite to make toys like dears or little bears or small cars!”.
-“That’s serious my Santa. I believe that you should go to a psychotherapist, as all of the people that live in U.S.A. are doing it. They must know something to do such a thing”.
-“Yes, you are right”.
-“I believe that you are half way to the therapy of your depression, as you have realized your problem. The only thing that you take care of is that you mustn’t reveal your true identity to the specialist of mental health!”.
-“I will reveal the only necessary information!”.

We are at the office of the psychotherapist, which is called John. Santa closed the appointment shortly so he’ll recover soon. Since the procedural greetings ended, John wanted to know more about the Giftmaker of the young children:
-“What’s your full name?”.
-“Hm, my name is Bill Nickolas*2”.
 -“What is your occupation?”.
-“I run a toy factory”.
-“Do you manage a large number of employs?”.
-“They aren’t only employs. They are a big family, which is consisted of many mature little children and some animals that are gifted with certain abilities”.
-“You mean that you also own a farm, don’t you?”.
-“Yes, I mean something like that”.
-“A family needs a companion, isn’t so?”.
-“The truth is that I put my job in a higher priority than finding a wife. I didn’t have time for anything else, but for my work”.
-“You do understand that when you run a large company by yourself that can be stressful just by doing so”.
-“Making toys was my only desire, but lately it has become a routine”.
-“Of course, it’s only natural to happen something like that. How many years have you been doing this kind of work?”.
-“I was doing this job since 1931*3! I am very proud of this!”.
-“You should be! I believe that the time has come to relax and let someone else to take the initiative. Someone, perhaps, that will bring new ideas and another style to the job! Your age commands you to rest!”.
-“But whatever I was doing so far was this very job!”.
-“Mister Bill, even the old age has its privileges. Find some hobby. Take a trip. The basic idea is to relax!”.
-“Was that all? Are we through?”.
-“Of course not, you must see me in a weekly base! We’ll complete a circle of sessions so we can be sure that your life obtains the sweet flavor that it had before your depression starts”.
-“It will be like a small honey cake!”.
-“Actually not, as you must begin a systematic nutrition and a daily exercise program!”.
-“My program will change a lot”.
The changes are necessary. I could also add that a medication is needed for a little while to confront the depression”.
-“Do you mean I will start Prosac?”.
-“Certainly not, as there much more modern antidepressants like Zoloft”.
John wrote the prescription as he was also a doctor, besides his psychotherapeutic ability. He gave it to Bill and the last one left towards his toy “factory”, which was also his home.


The great Giftmaker narrated to Freddie the things that he talked with the psychotherapist and Freddie responded:
-“It will be a great loss for us now that you will retire, but it is maybe an opportunity to change your life! I have many new ideas than can imply in no time! Am I saying it right Santa?”.
-“Call me Bill!”.
-“Nice Bill, shall we celebrate with two, chocolate, small, honey cakes?”.
-“I can’t eat those sweets anymore as I am on a diet! We’ll celebrate by drinking some wine. At noon I am able to drink, as I don’t take my medicine. Although, I don’t remember if the doctor said one pill per three days or three pills per day”.
-“Maybe you need and a pill for your memory too!”.
-“Ho, ho, I’ll look at the prescription, but anyway a glass of wine doesn’t hurt!”.
          They cheered their glasses that were full of sweet, red wine and they wished for things to go well in former Giftmaker’s life and in the toys factory’s evolvement as well, so that the Christmas spirit won’t be lost.


A few months passed and Bill followed all of John’s advices. Things were going better, but I don’t want to tell you about them. It’s better to learn things from them. At this very moment, Freddie is briefing Bill for the developments in the toy city of Christmas:
-“Bill, everything has been taken care of. First of all, we hired managers so that things run properly. The reindeers are in the stable and they are resting. Instead of them, we have a delivery service, which includes people with motorbikes or small trucks. Most of the elves retired with no compensation and at their place we have employs that test the toys or designers, which build modern toys like digital toy machines or remote controlled cars. Furthermore, we don’t receive letters from children anymore, but vouchers from their parents. One other thing is that the list of good and bad children is removed and at her place another is created with the rich kids that are good customers and the poor that enjoy our profitable offer, which is working all day for no fee but they gain a little gift. To set it simple: We have been privatized!”.
Bill laughs and adds to all this:
-“That’s brilliant! I see that I left you a mythical toy factory in capable hands, which transformed it to a business that works like a Swiss clock!”.


It was Monday noon and Bill had an appointment with his psychotherapist. They had already started their dialogue. Bill was talking:
-“Things are going magnificently John. I have met a young woman that really refreshes me so much that I feel like a teenager. My motto is –what 30, what 40, what 50. Inconsequentially that I have exceeded the age of 80 years. Furthermore, I go to trips, since I have registered to the local mountain club. I take my pills systematically and the best thing is that I sit and others are working for me! To set it simply: I fulfilled the American dream! A little late, but as we say, better late than never!”.
-“All of your changes are quite obvious. First of all, you have shaved and have lost a lot of pounds. I will also add, and by all means no offence taken, that you left those red-white robes, which were old fashioned and were jeans and a shirt, like regular people. I am really glad for all these changes as I will renegotiate my reward. The good news for you is that the dosage of your treatment will be reduced!”.
-“That’s great!”.
And so on the great former Giftmaker became Bill and overcome his depression. Parallel, from mythical he ended up daily and simple. Never the less, the children still believe in him as fairytales continue to live in our heart and because I am a mature child, this Christmas, I will put a shock in the heater, as I don’t own a fireplace, and I will leave a small honey cake and a sugar bun, so that Santa Clause will give me my gift!”.

                                                The end!
1)    The author is making a game with the words as Santa Clause is translated into Greek as Saint Vasilis. On the other hand, Vasilis is the Greek word for the name Bill and for that reason he calls Santa Clause Bill.
2)    Saint Vasilis was a real person and was our Saint Nicolas, which is the saint of the sailors. More information:
3)    Santa was invented by a coca cola advertisement:

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